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One of the most attractive residential areas of Silicon Valley, the South San Jose community of Almaden is distinguished by nice hillside views and "one of the most gorgeous landscapes in America," according to the Greenbelt Alliance website.


Almaden Valley's key attraction is Almaden Quicksilver County Park, which contains remnants of a historic mercury mine that produced more than $75 million in mineral wealth from the Gold Rush era to the 1970s (the San Jose mine's name came from the Almaden Mine in Spain).

The Almaden Quicksilver Park also boasts plenty of hiking and biking trails and a spectacular wildflower display during the springtime. Almaden Expressway helps make the cultural attractions and amenities of the downtown area easily accessible for Almaden residents.

Almaden Valley is nestled in the foothills of South San Jose, beneath the Santa Cruz Mountains. It is an upscale, family oriented community with a small town atmosphere. Bordered by Willow Glen and Los Gatos, residents enjoy being close to downtown San Jose while living in a more rural setting.

Almaden is not without its Silicon Valley connections. IBM’s Almaden Research Center calls Almaden its home, as do scientists, executives and engineers.


From French cuisine to fine art, Almaden has it all. Resident’s can enjoy an evening spent discovering a wine’s delicate bouquet or mornings reading the community newspaper over a frothy Caramel Macchiato. They can visit the local nursery for the perfect garden accessory, go for a jog along the park trail or play a round of golf at one of Almaden’s premier golf courses.It’s not just the natural beauty, but the heart of the community that makes life in Almaden so extraordinary.


It’s the close-knit environment. Children still play outside and neighbors stop and chat. A friendly atmosphere prevails, with families socializing at schools & cheering their children on at the local cabana club swim meets. Almaden schools are National Blue Ribbon and California Distinguished with API scores in the high 900’s. Neighborhood parks along with Almaden Lake Park offer an array of recreational activities including a sandy beach. Visitors enjoy bird watching, paddle boating, fishing and swimming.

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